Ooooo… OOIOO Drops New Album on Thrill Jockey in Late October!

At what point exactly does the indie world’s mewling cabal of critics and blogadeers start to judge an established musician’s “side project” outside the context of the artist’s primary undertaking? After they release two albums? Maybe three? Does a person have to go all Gorillaz and cram his or her new band with so many guest collaborators and multimedia distractions that it becomes more of an overblown PowerPoint presentation than a band? Does a side project need to come equipped with a single equal to or better than “Genius of Love” if it has any hope of getting recognized on its own merits? Is such a feat even possible (Making a song better than “Genius of Love,” mind you, not the other thing...)?

Take OOIOO , for instance. For a side project to receive extensive critical consideration that hasn’t been distilled in the juices of that artist’s flagship act is difficult enough, but if your new band happens to be an offshoot of the inimitable Boredoms, you’re basically boned from the get-go. The full discography of Boredoms side projects goes on and on for days, leaving little hope that they’ll all receive the critical consideration they deserve. However, OOIOO stands among the chosen few (along with Hanatarash and Z-Rock Hawaii) as a Boredoms side project that has successfully flown from the nest and developed a dedicated following, one that doesn’t consider the group to be just another Boredoms sideshow act.

How did Yoshimi and company manage to pull it off, you ask? Fuck if I know, it’s probably because they’re just a really good band or something. I think I’ve done enough hackneyed over-analysis for one news article, so let’s quit fucking around and get down to business. OOIOO, comprised of Yoshimi P-we of Boredoms fame and three other extremely capable ladies, have slated their much-anticipated follow-up to 2006’s Taiga (TMT's 19th favorite album of '06!) for a late October release on Thrill Jockey . Titled Arminico Hewa (defined by the band as “air in a harmonious state”) the album finds our heroes OOIOO up to their same old psychedelic but surprisingly well-grounded tricks. Or not. I haven’t listened to the record yet. And neither have you. But now you know it’s coming out, so there. We’re equals now.


1. SOL
2. Uda Hah
3. Irorun
4. Konjo
5. Ulda
6. Polacca
7. Kipepeo
8. O O I A H
9. Nin Na Yama
10. Hewa Hewa
11. Agacim
12. Orokai
13. Honki Ponki

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