Operation AntiSec hits Universal Music, promises more data soon

Operation AntiSec hits Universal Music, promises more data soon

Well, it was bound to happen. As LulzSec, after hitting company after company after government after gazebo, sailed off into the sunset, leaving behind a massive data dump involving the Arizona Department of Public Security, it felt like a tactical retreat. And it was. Temporary partners AnonymousIRC took over the fight under the banner (or sails, in their terminology) of previously announced Operation AntiSec, and began their run with new data dumps, posted on The Pirate Bay as antisec01 (or Anti-Sec 001).

Alongside some government shenanigans, AntiSec busted open two dumps from Universal Music Group, containing both usernames and passwords, as well as “other data.” Viacom was also hit, though the damage remain limited to a server mapping that might be more useful to actual hackers. As of press time, no confirmation from UMG or Viacom has been received regarding the validity of the dumps.

While the dump seems minor at the moment, AntiSec promises more dumps, perhaps hinting at a deeper hack for some of these groups:

And keep in mind: #AntiSec vessels have a very large cache of valuable goods aboard; the crews are currently working hard to sort the loot in a way that even the lousy media sailboats are able to just grab it and sail away for the horizon. You will hear from us very soon.

Not that we at Tiny Mix Tapes condone such hacking, but on the off chance that it means actual info regarding UMG’s relationship with the government (perhaps via the RIAA), maybe that could be sent our way? We’ve got a bit of an axe to grind with a certain Joe, and while our dinghy is lousy and small, we are rigging it with some anti-gravity machinery so that it can fly in the air and cut through the crap.

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