The Orchard Prunes the Hedges, Fires 20% of Its Staff

There have been a lot of epic FAILS in the music biz over the last couple of months, hell, in the last couple of years. In summer 2009 alone, Pandora threatened to raise its rates, then like dollar bills in a stripper's undies, Mariah Carey let record excecs slip advertisements in her new CD booklet to make it look "magaziney."

Likewise, this week brings strange and disappointing news (or happy news, depending on how you feel about music piracy).

Digital distribution, marketing, and licensing behemoth The Orchard recently reported major staff cuts, including 20% of their global headcount, many occurring in the physical distribution department (now they know how journalists feel!!). Not only that, but The Orchard's CEO Greg Scholl has announced his resignation, effective in December. In the meantime, Director Danny Stein and GM Brad Navin say they will take over and carefully examine every nut and apple in The Orchard until they find a suitable replacement as CEO. Had enough puns yet? I haven't.

Anyway, The Orchard digitally distributes many of your (and my) favorite bands, many of whom you can find in your very own home, including everything from Black Flag to Chuck Berry, The Dodos to Dr. Dog, and Jerry Lee Lewis to Elton John. But seriously, all corporate arguments aside, that is one outrageously diverse artist roster.

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