Owen Pallett, Freshly Shorn of Videogame Reference, Tours His Beloved Canadian Heartland

Owen Pallett, Freshly Shorn of Videogame Reference, Tours His Beloved Canadian Heartland

Old news alert: Final Fantasy is no more. Well, the Square/Enix video game is, but that’s kind of the source of the problem. Owen Pallett, a.k.a. Canadian one-man extraordinaire Final Fantasy, has officially renamed himself… Owen Pallett, in time for his newest release, Heartland (out now via Domino).

In an official statement, Pallett fondly recalled playing the game as a teenager before his tone quickly took a grave turn: “But the laws of trademark infringement exist for good reason,” he announced solemnly, “and so I am voluntarily retiring my band name.” It is not clear to what extent legal issues were involved in this decision, made after over half a decade after initiating the moniker, but the name change certainly didn’t hurt Heartland, his complex, beautifully crafted third album.

Allegedly, prior releases will be reissued under the new name, which will at least make things less confusing if you ever happen to talk to a gamer about He Poos Clouds (TMT Review).

Aaaanyway, Pallett has now confirmed Canadian tourdates to promote Heartland.

02.06.10 - Guelph, ON - Sleeman Centre (Hillside Inside Festival)
02.09.10 - Fredericton, NB - McCain Hall Theatre
02.10.10 - Halifax, NS - St. Matthew’s United Church
02.11.10 - Halifax, NS - St. Matthew’s United Church
02.12.10 - St. John’s, NL - Cochrane Street United Church
02.17.10 - Kingston, ON - Sydenham United Church
02.18.10 - Wakefield, QC - Blacksheep Inn
02.19.10 - Wakefield, QC - Blacksheep Inn
02.20.10 - Montreal, QC - Theatre Outremont
02.21.10 - Quebec City, QC - Le Cercle
02.25.10 - London, ON - Aeolian Hall
02.26.10 - Brantford, ON - The Ford Plant
02.27.10 - Hamilton, ON - Lincoln Alexander Centre
04.08.10 - Toronto, ON - Queen Elizabeth Theatre
05.09.10 - Vancouver, BC - Vogue Theatre
05.10.10 - Victoria, BC - Alix Goolden Hall

• Owen Pallett: http://www.owenpalletteternal.com
• Domino: http://www.dominorecordco.com

[Photo: Flare]

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