Pact Infernal to release Monad XXV EP on Stroboscopic Artefacts, premiere track “Cor Aut Mors”

Pact Infernal to release Monad XXV EP on Stroboscopic Artefacts, premiere track "Cor Aut Mors"
Don't worry; monads 1-14 are still supported on the new operating system.

Stroboscopic Artefacts — the Berlin-based label run by producer Luca “Lucy” Mortellaro — has been running a fine game with their eccentric, genre spanning Monad series for quite a few years now. And now they are preparing to toss us straight into hell with their next Monad (their 15th!), which highlights the work of none other than Pact Infernal.

Enigmatic, shadowy, frightening, the world of Pact Infernal is a dark place indeed. From the black & white severity of their graphic design to the music itself, a haunted factory’s worth of clangs, bangs, and traumatic wails, the Pact universe is meant to cut to the bone and pretty much fuck you right up. As the press notes for the Monad XXV EP quite accurately put it, their music provides “a listening experience that might be likened to indoctrination into some hermetic order, or a training session for some potentially terminal mission.” Holy moly.

Today, you can get a peek at this probably-deadly undertaking with the EP track “Cor Aut Mors,” which we have the grim pleasure of premiering for you right here. Let its desolation eclipse your spirit as you weigh whether you have the fortitude to endure all the blood-chilling horrors Pact has in store for you (we recommend it).

Monad XXV will be unleashed upon the Earth on August 18 from Stroboscopic Artefacts.

Monad XXV tracklisting:

01. Nitimur In Vetitum
02. Cor Aut Mors
03. Sapere Aude
04. Capax Infiniti

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