Panda Bear finalizes Tomboy release date, but I’m so cool that I’m waiting for the Tomboy follow-up announcement

Panda Bear finalizes Tomboy release date, but I'm so cool that I'm waiting for the Tomboy follow-up announcement

I step out for lunch, run an errand, and Panda Bear suddenly decides to drop the release date for Tomboy. What a world! Anyway, it’s official now: the new album, Panda Bear’s fourth solo full-length, is scheduled for release on April 19 via AC’s Paw Tracks label. You’ve probably heard several tracks already through the series of vinyl singles released last year by Domino, Paw Tracks, and FatCat (another is forthcoming on Kompakt), but boy, you’ve never heard the songs like this before! Actually, you really haven’t — each song has been remixed with help from Sonic Boom.

Sit tight for more details. We’ll have ‘em soon.

• Panda Bear:
• Paw Tracks:

[Photo: Brian DeRan]

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