Panda Bear to release limited-edition Tomboy box set for American Cancer Society and possibly charm cancer into curing itself

Panda Bear to release limited-edition Tomboy box set for American Cancer Society and possibly charm cancer into curing itself

Face it, nostalgia is the economic engine of the indie community these days. And no one in Hypnagogicville, Indieana does a better job of selling “vibes” and conjuring time-n’-place via ‘verb-ed out speeches at village council meetings than its proud mayor Panda T. Bear (the T. stands for “The”). So while many of his colleagues and rivals might have to wait 10 or 20 years to have their music “remembered” via a reissue, Panda T. Bear, seer of seers, prognosticator of prognosticators, makes music so goddamn nostalgic that we just cannot wait that long to hazily remember it.

Therefore, Paw Tracks will release Mayor Bear’s recently released Tomboy album (TMT Review) as a four-LP box set on October 31. The whole shebang will include the regular album in all its cosmic tea party glory, as well as “the ‘single’ mixes of selected tracks, unreleased instrumental/a cappella tracks, ‘The Preakness’ (Panda Bear’s song for Animal Collective’s sneaker mixtape), and a 16-page booklet.” Presumably the booklet will not be blank, but I guess it totally could be. Either way, sounds pretty snazzy for a record that’s only been out for three months in the first place.

Oh, and just to up both the collectability and sexy gallantry factors, the reissue will be limited to 5000 copies, and all profits will go to the American Cancer Society. See? Hazy memories of way back in May of 2011 and contribution to a worthy cause. It’s always win-win with Panda. Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure that if any crooner out there could convince people’s cancer to “just be cool and stop spreading,” it’s probably that doe-eyed motherfucker.

Tomboy box set tracklisting:

LP 1
01. You Can Count on Me
02. Tomboy
03. Slow Motion
04. Surfer’s Hymn
05. Last Night at the Jetty
06. Drone

LP 2
01. The Preakness
02. Alsatian Darn
03. Scheherazade
04. Friendship Bracelet
05. Afterburner
06. Benfica

LP 3 (Single Mixes)
01. Drone
02. Tomboy
03. Last Night at the Jetty
04. Surfer’s Hymn
05. Scheherazade
06. Benfica
07. Slow Motion
08. Friendship Bracelet
09. Alsatian Darn
10. Bullseye
11. You Can Count on Me

LP 4
01. Alsatian Darn (Instrumental)
02. Slow Motion (Instrumental)
03. Friendship Bracelet (Instrumental)
04. Drone (Instrumental)
05. Last Night at the Jetty (Instrumental)
06. You Can Count on Me (A Cappella)
07. Alsatian Darn (A Cappella)
08. Slow Motion (A Cappella)
09. Afterburner (A Cappella)
10. Drone (A Cappella)

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