Papa M tours Britain, joins a series of UK bands only to leave them moments later

Papa M tours Britain, joins a series of UK bands only to leave them moments later

David Pajo, best known for playing in every post-___ band to be formed in the 90s and early aughts, is about to embark on a jolly ol’ tour of the British Isles under his best-known personal moniker, Papa M. He’ll probably put on his Aerial M hat to make his way across the ocean, but once properly landed back on solid ground, it’s back to being Big Papa (as he likes to be called).

What’s Pajo going to play on this tour? No one knows, though don’t be surprised if he joins a different local band for each stop as part of their ‘touring group’ only to leave them for another, newer band as soon as the bus rolls out of the last venue’s parking lot. Interpol are still crying about being abandoned by Pajo in 2011, and we don’t even want to get into the emotional scars he left on Billy Corgan with that whole Zwan disaster. He’s a heartbreaker, but then again that’s what draws us to him, no? When will we learn…

Pajo will also make a single stop over in continental Europe for a show in Brussels with Dirty Three, and then he can be found in the wilds of the North Carolina Triangle area as a performer at the Hopscotch Festival in September. In between the European tour and the festival, expect Pajo to appear on at least four albums in some capacity.


05.26.12 - Cork, Ireland - The Crane Lane Theatre
05.27.12 - Dublin, Ireland - Workman’s Club
05.28.12 - Glasgow, UK - King Tuts
05.29.12 - Leeds, UK - Brundenell Social Club
05.30.12 - Colchester, UK - Colchester Arts Centre
05.31.12 - Bristol, UK - The Cube
06.01.12 - Reading, UK - South Street Arts Centre
06.02.12 - London, UK - Field Day
06.06.12 - Brussels, Belgium - AB Box #
09.06.12 - Raleigh, NC - Hopscotch Festival

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