PC Worship announces new full-length Social Rust on Northern Spy and Dull Tools

PC Worship announces new full-length Social Rust on Northern Spy and Dull Tools

Imagine a blank white background. Two smug looking fellahs wander in. One says, “Hi, I’m a Mac,” and the other says, “Hi, I’m a PC,” and at first you’re like, “Wait a second, isn’t this joke like at least 10 years old already?” but then, a third guy walks in. It’s Justin Frye. He says, “Hi, I’m PC Worship.” The Mac and PC guys look at each other for a moment before they suddenly burst into flames and crumble into nothingness. Frye walks forward, clearly dressed in a manner that is an ode to the late Steve Jobs’ get-up at Apple keynote addresses. He begins:

“I apologize for coming to you this way, wrapped as I am in the fabric of a nearly decade-old joke, but it’s just the way things work these days. I’m sure you understand. Anyway, I’m here today to tell you about an exciting new development in this beautiful world. I, under the mantle of PC Worship, am releasing a new album! It will be called Social Rust, and it’s out September 9. It’s not just me though! Michael Etten, Jordan Bernstein, and Shannon Sigley are also flying with me on a quartet-shaped spaceship through the universe. Actually, there were a bunch of other folks on this album with me too, so it really did lend to that ‘shambolic’ quality my friend Mr. Press-Release likes to say we have. In fact, I think I hear Mr. Press-Release coming now, I’ll let him say a little…”

As Frye has been speaking, the ashes of the Mac and PC men have been contorting themselves, forming an inky thick liquid, that finally begins to grow into a singular mass that pulses at a quick rate as it forms into a vaguely humanoid shape. A sound emanates from its midsection. It says, “Thanks Justin! Hi there, well yes, we’re very excited about this new PC Worship full-length. We’re doing a dual release with Northern Spy for the digital and CD and Dull Tools for the vinyl. I think, if you put a gun to my inky black head-like region, the one thing I’d say about the album is that ‘Social Rust portends a familial group hell bent on blending its own vision of fully realized songcraft and contagious melodicism into its trademark chaotic din.’ Basically, the album has a lot more traditional song structures than previous PC Worship records, but it’s still deeply indebted to the band’s avant-garde-type roots.” The white walls of the room go suddenly dark, and the only remaining light ekes out all orange from a SoundCloud player hovering just in front of your face. The sounds of “Rust” from the album fill the room, as you feel your bones turning to dust.

Social Rust tracklist:

01. Odd
02. Behind the Picture
03. Rust
04. Gypsy’s
05. Baby in the Backroom
06. Hawl
07. Paper Song (Dig)
08. Public Shrine
09. First Wave Back

• PC Worship: http://pcworship.blogspot.com
• Northern Spy: http://northernspyrecords.com
• Dull Tools: http://dulltools.bigcartel.com

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