Pearson Sound tries acid on a new track from his upcoming Rubble EP

Pearson Sound tries acid on a new track from his upcoming Rubble EP
David Kennedy a.k.a. Pearson Sound...maybe on acid???

Lookout, NARCs: London-based DJ and producer Pearson Sound has just announced a new EP — a three-track release called Rubble. It will be out next week on November 16 on his own label — but before then, you can check out just what it’s like for the UK electro-chemist to try acid for the first time…

No, mom, not that kind of acid! Come on I’ve shown you my PowerPoint on the birth of 90’s rave music dozens of times! Okay, I’ll be down for breakfast soon…

Pearson Sound’s newest track, “Earwig,” streaming below, dips its toes all the way to its knees into the TB-303. However, if the Devo-meets-Lebowski-nightmare video (directed by Leila Ziu) is any hint, it could possible be the result of some of the psychoactive chemical as well. According to the producer himself, it’s his “first (and maybe last) acid track.” So get a dose while you can!

“Earwig” is snuggled between two other brand new tracks. The first and title track, “Rubble,” is “the sound of two major demolition projects.” And the finisher, “Our Spirits Soar,” is “for smokey late-night dancefloors while the house lights creep up.” You can sample all three tracks in the SoundCloud snippets below. Then, go ahead and pre-order the record. Don’t do drugs, kids; but DO do 303’s.

Rubble EP tracklisting:

01. Rubble
02. Earwig
03. Our Spirits Soar

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