Peepholes to release new LP on Upset the Rhythm, promise they’re not perverts

Peepholes to release new LP on Upset the Rhythm, promise they're not perverts

Roman Emperor Caligula was notorious for sex scandals, arbitrary killings, wasting wild amounts of money, and chatting with the full moon, and he’s the namesake of Peepholes’ forthcoming LP. The UK synth punk duo found inspiration not necessarily in the specifics of Caligula’s reign — they’re not trying to feed their fans to lions or anything like that — but rather in the general notion of insane extravagance. After all, they recorded the album over two days in sub-zero temperatures last winter. Here’s what Chris Tipton of Upset the Rhythm had to say about their sound:

Walking a tightrope between underground punk and dance music, Peepholes write cloaked anthems as likely to open celestial gates with keys of repetition as to soundtrack a slow motion fairground accident. Their sound is otherworldly, aching with wild beats, echoing with cavernous atmospheres.

Maybe music you’d hear in some sort of electronic apocalypse? Peepholes have released various cassettes, a 12-inch EP on Hungry For Power, and a mini-album called Kingdom on Upset the Rhythm. They’ve played with the likes of John Maus, Future Islands, Sun Araw, No Age, and Dan Deacon. Caligula will see a November 28 release.

Caligula tracklisting:

01. Caligula
02. Step One
03. Tunnels
04. Kingdom
05. I Go Basic
06. Picture the World in Signs

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