Perennial “Performer” Montero returns with new album, Performer (ta-dah!), out next month on Chapter Music

Perennial "Performer" Montero returns with new album, Performer (ta-dah!), out next month on Chapter Music
Bjenny Montero giving you excitations.

It is perhaps a grand understatement to say Bjenny Montero is a man of many and varied talents. Followed fervently as an artist/cartoonist, Montero draws panels (and other musicians’ album covers, shirts and posters) that detail a strange and compelling world of anthropomorphic characters chock-full of melancholy, sarcasm, and twisted emotion.

If THAT wasn’t enough, as Montero, he is ALSO an active and acclaimed musician who produces songs as equally wonderful and strange as his artwork (oh, he is also part of Aussie janglers Early Woman too). Wethinks Montero is just one of those people who would produce the “wonderful and strange” in any job or task he puts his mind to, be it artist or musician, doorman or accountant, snake wrangler, porn fluffer, et cetera.

The immensely talented performer will release his latest album entitled, er, Performer, on February 2 through Chapter Music. Recorded at Mark Ronson’s studio at Tileyard and produced (and mainly played by) Montero, Jay Watson (Tame Impala, Pond), and Riccardo Damian (Ronson’s Grammy winning in-house engineer); Performer is Montero’s latest tab of surreal aural acid and further develops his imaginative pop world of whimsy.

Performer will be available on digital, CD, LP, and limited “frog green” LP, all of which can be pre-ordered here. Listen to album tracks “Vibrations” and “Tokin’ the Night Away” down below and take the first wonderful and strange step into the strange and wonderful world of Montero.

Performer tracklisting:

01. Montero Airlines
02. Aloha
03. Caught Up in My Own Mind
04. Running Race
05. Performer
06. Quantify
07. Vibrations
08. Tokin’ the Night Away
09. Destiny
10. Pilot

Montero Performer-centric performances:

02.10.18 - Liverpool, UK - Shipping Forecast
02.12.18 - Glasgow, UK - The Hug and Pint
02.13.18 - Leeds, UK - Headrow House
02.14.18 - York, UK - Fulford Arms
02.15.18 - London, UK - Sebright Arms
02.17.18 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Cinetol
02.18.18 - Brussels, Belgium - Witloof Bar @ Botanique
02.21.18 - Dudingen, Switzerland - Bad Bonn
02.22.18 - Nyon, Switzerland - La Parenthèse (Les Hivernales #9 Festival)
02.23.18 - Berlin, Germany - Badehaus
02.24.18 - Saint Malo, France - La Nouvelle Vague (La Route du Rock Festival)
02.26.18 - Paris, France - Point Ephémère

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