Pillow fight!! The Music Tapes wanna play your slumber party this winter

Pillow fight!! The Music Tapes wanna play your slumber party this winter

Break out the Mall Madness and horse movies: it’s time for a slumber party! But this isn’t just any slumber party, no. Where before there were pillow fights and “light as a feather, stiff as a board,” now there are performances by The Music Tapes, who are bringing their dreamy tunes to over 200 homes across the United States and Canada.

Julian Koster and friends have previously gallivanted away on caroling and lullaby tours, which guarantees them to be pretty much some of the coolest people ever. (Especially if they wore Victorian CAPES while caroling. Yes, everyone should wear a cape whilst caroling.) And now they want you to host a sleepover. To ask them over, send an invitation to lullabyedeliveries@gmail.com or send a letter to:

The Minister of Lullabies
450 N. Harris St.
Athens, GA 30601

Letters must be received by October 20. Make sure you get all your contact info listed correctly! Invitations with the “greatest warmth” in each area will be selected in the order in which they are received. (Hints: they probably like glitter. Nothing says “warmth” like glitter. You’ll also get extra points if you’re willing to let other area fans come to your house to see the band.) The Music Tapes plan to visit several homes per night.

Your special evening will include songs from the group’s forthcoming 2011 album, plus the Eureka!‘d Music Tapes for Clouds and Tornadoes (TMT Review), The 1st Imaginary Symphony for Nomad, and The Singing Saw at Christmastime. Also promised: special games and stories! (I really hope they are not scary stories.)

Proposed path and dates:

11.02.10-11.04.10 - Alabama, Tennessee, Florida Panhandle, Southeastern Louisiana
11.05.10-11.07.10 - Western Louisiana, Texas
11.08.10-11.10.10 - New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada
11.11.10-11.13.10 - Southern and Central California
11.14.10-11.16.10 - Central California, Oregon
11.17.10-11.19.10 - Washington, British Columbia
11.20.10-11.23.10 - Idaho, Utah, Colorado
11.24.10-11.26.10 - Denver, Colorado, Nebraska, Minnesota
11.27.10-11.29.10 - Illinois, Michigan, Northern Ohio
11.30.10-12.02.10 - Western Pennsylvania, Western New York, Toronto
12.03.10-12.05.10 - Montreal, Vermont, Western Massachusetts
12.06.10-12.08.10 - Upstate New York, New York City
12.09.10-12.11.10 - Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, Delaware
12.12.10-12.15.10 - Asheville, NC, Atlanta, GA, Athens, GA

• The Music Tapes: http://www.orbitinghumancircus.com

[Photo: Megan Galante]

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