Pink Reason release sophomore LP on Siltbreeze, tour Europe, show off their assets

Pink Reason release sophomore LP on Siltbreeze, tour Europe, show off their assets

Kevin “Epic” Failure and his Lazy Susan of musician-friends have been easing down the road since the release of 2007’s Cleaning the Mirror (TMT Review), dropping a few tunes via 7-inch and cassette every now and then — mostly archival or live recordings, though there is new material on the recent Desperate Living EP on Almost Ready — and no one’s quite sure why. Was it due to anxiety from all those critics hailing Cleaning the Mirror as a masterpiece of sloppy/isolated catharsis/swagger? Was it because we placed the album one spot ahead of Clipse on our “Favorite Albums of 2000-2009” list and Kevin had to lay low for a while? Or was it because some joker on the Electrical Audio message board posted this comment on a Pink Reason thread: “man, all the people i know are all into this ear/jerk/wave stuff, it’s so unoriginal.” We can track your IP address, Albini. Let it go, man.

Whatever the case, all those years are now in the past, and today we stand at the precipice of Pink Reason’s reintroduction to society with a second LP (for Siltbreeze and for the world), lovingly titled Shit in the Garden. Recorded in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and New York over the course of six years (2004-2010) in collaboration with Shaun Failure, Dave Razor, Michael Bray, Dead Luke, and TV Ghost’s Tim Gick, Shit has a street date of May 17, according to Revolver/Midheaven Mailorder, who’ll be handling distribution. As for the sound of the album, who needs descriptions when you can just go to the Chocolate Grinder and listen to “Sixteen Years” off the album right now!? Sounds pretty different, no? Don’t worry though, old fans: Shit is said to end with an “elliptical banjo instrumental,” sorta like how Mirror did! Always a good choice.

Pink Reason also have a European tour with Circuit des Yeux planned for this summer, but we’re going to pass on posting those dates for now, as not even a single one has a venue attached. Go here if you’re curious. There are literally two dozen dates that just say ‘Russia.’ For a few US shows scheduled next month before they take the long journey East, see below.

Shit in the Garden tracklisting:

01. Holding On
02. I Just Leave
03. Sixteen Years
04. Cranes Are Flying
05. Here on In
06. You Can’t Win


04.21.11 - Minneapolis, MN - The Hexagon
04.22.11 - Minneapolis, MN - The Rathole
04.30.11 - Oberlin, OH - TBA

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