Planet Mu to release new HERVA album Hyper Flux

Planet Mu to release new HERVA album Hyper Flux
Photo: Chiara Sinatt

Italian producer HERVA has announced Hyper Flux, his second album with Planet Mu, out February 24. Don’t worry: his transformative blend of glitchy techno noise and soft melodicism may be unconventional, but you can still pre-order it on all conventional formats through the Planet Mu store. That is, of course, assuming CDs are still conventional in 2017.

On the title of the album, HERVA says, “My music doesn’t change for better or worse but it’s made with a different perception of the moment, and it’s always in flux.” The LP follows the producer’s 2015 record, Kila, which also had a home on Planet Mu.

To diagnose your level of preparation for Hyper Flux, you can calibrate your brain with the newly revealed album track, “Solar Xub.” Fire off some dusty neurons by listening below.

Hyper Flux tracklisting:

01. Esotic Energy
02. Jitter
03. Nasty MF
04. Rule the Sun
05. Multicone
06. Lly Spirals
07. Solar Xub
08. Meta Wave
09. Cops Twerk
10. Peach
11. Dedicated (feat. Mar G)
12. Zykmed

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