Ponytail to release Do Whatever You Want All the Time in April

Ponytail to release Do Whatever You Want All the Time in April

Whartscape may be over for good, but Ponytail ain’t. Rumors about Ponytail’s breakup spread quickly last year after the Washington Post posted its Whartscape review. In it, the writer claimed that Ponytails’ set was “widely believed to be its final,” adding that “after five years the band seems content to call it a day.”

Day’s not over, apparently, as We Are Free are set to release Ponytail’s third full-length, Do Whatever You Want All the Time, on April 12. The album was recorded with J. Robbins, and the cover art was designed by EYE of Boredoms. I’m giving it a 5/5.

The band’s last album, Ice Cream Spiritual, was released in 2008. It made #29 on our decade list, because it fucking rules.

Do Whatever You Want All The Time tracklisting:

01. Easy Peasy
02. Flabbermouse
03. Honey Touches
04. Beyondersville//Flight of Fancy
05. AwayWay
06. Tush
07. Music Tunes

• Ponytail: http://chocolatelabinegypt.blogspot.com
• Ponytail MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/ponytailtunes
• We Are Free: http://www.nowwearefree.com

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