Porches announces new album The House, hides new video for “Find Me” somewhere inside this post

Porches announces new album The House, hides new video for "Find Me" somewhere inside this post
Gotta light? (Photo: Jason Nocito)

Just listed! Aaron Maine, who makes music as Porches, has a new album on the way. It’s called The House, and it’s due out January 19 on Domino.

The House functions as a diary of sorts. Each of its 14 songs is a snapshot, a glimpse into Maine’s life at a particular moment. Says Maine of this process of, in a way, documenting his life, “I don’t think I was necessarily working through anything during the process of writing, if anything maybe avoiding that, but the album has become something different to me in hindsight: a way to look back at a time in my life and see my guts at play.”

It makes sense then that this self-examining album from Porches would be title The House. After all, what are “porches,” if not the gateway to “the house”??? And what is the house, if not the structure that allows porches to have meaning…I’m not sure if that actually makes any sense, but hey, it sounds pretty profound, right?

The House can be pre-ordered here in a variety of formats, including on “limited pale yellow translucent vinyl with 11” x 22” fold-out poster” that’ll probably look pretty swell…in your house.

Oh. Maine also just released a video for “Find Me,” the second track off of The House. That video, along with the album’s cover art and official tracklisting, can be found down below.

The House tracklisting:

01. Leave The House
02. Find Me
03. Understanding
04. Now The Water
05. Country
06. By My Side
07. Åkeren
08. Anymore
09. Wobble
10. Goodbye
11. Swimmer
12. W Longing
13. Ono
14. Anything U Want

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