Portishead to curate I’ll Be Your Mirror Festival, because, in a way, don’t we all function as mirrors for each other?

Portishead to curate I'll Be Your Mirror Festival, because, in a way, don't we all function as mirrors for each other?

There’s a new festival in town (and by town, I mean London), and Portishead are the only ones tough enough to tame it. I’ll Be Your Mirror (you know, like the Velvet Underground song) is a two-day festival from the folks at ATP (a.k.a. All Tomorrow’s Party a.k.a. another Velvet Underground song), taking place at Alexandra Palace on July 23 and 24. ATP have enlisted Portishead to curate the festival, a choice that is seeming quite wise, considering the impressive lineup they have already put together. The fest’s first day finds Portishead themselves performing, along with DOOM, Company Flow, The Books, Portishead side project Beak>, and Factory Floor. The second day features Swans, Grinderman, Beach House, Liars, and Anika.

Needless to say, more names will be added to the lineup in the coming months. Still, if you want to get a jump on an already pretty solid-looking fest, tickets are on sale at the ATP website.

• Portishead: http://www.portishead.co.uk
• ATP: http://www.atpfestival.com

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