Prairie (Marc Jacobs’ post-apocalyptic solo project) to release After the Flash Flood on Denovali

Prairie (Marc Jacobs’ post-apocalyptic solo project) to release After the Flash Flood on Denovali

You can put away your mahogany abacus and vintage Aaron Adding Machine. Fire that team of pricey Harvard and MIT grads pronto! It doesn’t take a brainbox to figure out that any project that sound-cutter Marc Jacobs creates is one that must be eye-balled and ear-drummed immediately. Jacobs’ primary solo venture Prairie is always a most welcome cuckoo in the nest, and his next golden egg will arrive at the end of this month.

Perfectly mixing haunting ambiance and bloodcurdling noise, Jacobs’ latest opus After the Flash Flood marks the frist Prairie release since 2015’s Cormac McCarthy-inspired Like a Pack of Hounds. The nine-song long-player is out via Denovali on April 27 — and, like its predecessor, it’s a record full of impressive and imaginative sparse pieces that are as coldly desolate as they are achingly intimate .

After the Flash Flood can be pre-ordered before the flash flood of physical mail-outs here. Available on CD, black vinyl LP, and clear vinyl LP (limited to 150 copies), all formats also include the digital download, which will be activated a week prior to the physical release, on April 20.

Denovali has also kindly shared the wonderful “Sisters,” which —with its generous swaths of layered sound, treated field recordings, and synth ‘n’ guitar mutilation — is typical of the project’s post-apocalyptic ambient aesthetic. Listen to it below, then fly away to the pre-order page. Go on, now. Everyone knows that the early birds get the Prairie worms!

After the Flash Flood, a Prairie home companion:

01. Flash Flood
02. Raindeaf
03. Sisters
04. A Permanent War Economy
05. Rabid Ibrahim
06. Underwater Body Hunting
07. Elephants Will Rise Again
08. Hard Water:Cracked Ice
09. Hayashi Clock
10. Embuscado

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