Prefuse 73 and Yeasayer’s Jaytram buddy up for Epstein remix album

Prefuse 73 and Yeasayer's Jaytram buddy up for Epstein remix album

Asthmatic Kitty electronic artist Epstein (a.k.a. Robert Lange) has had a pretty good year, what with putting out a series of remixes, collaborating with Julianna Barwick, and putting out a new LP called When Man Is Full He Falls Asleep (TMT Review). Nestled within two copies of that LP happened to be golden tickets, the recipients of which were given full access to the Epstein archives and commissioned to construct a remix album together. Thankfully, the lucky winners of that contest were Prefuse 73 and Yeasayer member Jaytram. Man, Asthmatic Kitty really dodged a bullet there, considering they could have ended up putting out an album constructed by, say, me and a 15-year-old with a freshly downloaded copy of Fruity Loops. Instead, the label will be releasing the quite literally-titled Prefuse 73/Jaytram/Epstein on December 13. The release will be available for download through Epstein’s Bandcamp page for a pay-what-you-want price. And while I’m sure Prefuse and Jaytram had some excellent ideas, me and that 15-year-old really wanted to explore the effect of kazoo MIDIs on Epstein’s music. Perhaps another day.

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