Prince Rama try to win over the Mayans with upcoming album Top Ten Hits of the End of the World

Prince Rama try to win over the Mayans with upcoming album Top Ten Hits of the End of the World

The aroma of unshaven armpits is a powerfully seductive thing, especially when it’s coupled with ritualistic drumming, ritualistic chanting, reverberant vocals, and mostly incomprehensible (at least to my battered and ignorant ears) lyrics. That was basically my take-away after seeing the Brooklyn-based psychedelic duo Prince Rama open for Gang Gang Dance last year. I have no idea whether Taraka Larson’s armpits are still unshaven, and it doesn’t matter anyway. The music’s the point, even if I was temporarily distracted. Blame the circumstances of my decidedly conventional suburban upbringing.

If you’re in Europe, you’ll be able to witness Prince Rama’s music this November, when they’ll be touring with their musical godparents, Animal Collective. Body hair aside, they’ll likely be playing a multitude of tracks from their recently announced album Top Ten Hits of the End of the World, which is due out November 6, courtesy of Paw Tracks.

Concerning the theme of the new album, try and follow me here. A press release describes Top Ten Hits as a “pseudo-compilation album,” consisting of songs from invented bands (complete with names, and apparently, actual biographies) that died during a hypothetical apocalypse. The songs themselves are the deceased bands being “channeled” for a performance. Accordingly, the album “explores pop music’s relationship to memory, nostalgia, and the spirit world.”

It’s a fascinating idea! It definitely seems to come across in the first single, “So Destroyed” by Rage Peace (actually Prince Rama). Listen to the track below and go here to read Rage Peace’s full biography.

Top Ten Hits of the End of the World tracklisting:

01. “Blade of Austerity” - Guns of Dubai
02. “Those Who Live For Love Will Live Forever” - I.M.M.O.R.T.A.L.I.F.E.
03. “No Way Back” - Nu Fighters
04. “So Destroyed” - Rage Peace
05. “Receive” - Taohaus
06. “Radhamadhava” - Goloka
07. “Fire Sacrifice” - Black Elk Speaks
08. “Welcome To The Now Age” - Hyparxia
09. “Exercise Ecstasy” - The Metaphysixxx
10. “We Will Fall In Love Again” - Motel Memory

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