Príncipe announces new EP from Tia Maria Produções

Príncipe announces new EP from Tia Maria Produções

The incredible Príncipe imprint has been releasing remarkable experimental Afro-Portuguese dance music over the last year. With releases from artists such as TMT favorites DJ Marfox (whose recent Lucky Punch EP landed in our EUREKA! section) and DJ Nigga Fox, the label has done a great deal to expand the audience for these musical styles, which have grown out of the ghettos of Lisbon, from local to global. Their latest release comes from a crew of producers 20 years old and younger who operate under the moniker Tia Maria Produções. Composed of Puto Márcio, DJ B.Boy, DJ Télio, and DJ Lycox, their debut EP is called Tá Tipo Já Não Vamos Morer, which translates to “It’s like we won’t die anymore.” It’s out in July, and like all Príncipe releases, it comes in an individually hand-painted sleeve.

Check out DJ B.Boy’s hypnotic track “Moh Cota,” as well as the EP’s tracklist, below.


01. 7 Maravilhas (Damas da Cor do Pecado) (produced by DJ Télio)
02. O Tempo Da Vida (produced by DJ Lycox)
03. Moh Cota (produced by DJ B.Boy)
04. Underground (produced by DJ Lycox)
05. Hino Da Noite (produced by DJ B.Boy & Puto Márcio)
06. Tia Maria Da Vida (produced by Puto Márcio)

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