Prurient and Kevin Drumm Release Collaborative CD; I Know This Music is a Little Harsh, but It’s an Awfully Harsh World, and These Guys are Out There Trying Their Best to Make Some Damned Sense Out of It

New York noisemaker, Hospital Productions proprietor, and general angry man Dominick Fernow (a.k.a. Prurient) and Chicago avant-garde mainstay Kevin Drumm have collaborated on some new music. It is called All Are Guests in the House of the Lord, and it is a sound recording that I bet doesn’t follow traditional song structures or even rules of composition. Anyone care to wager?

Hospital Productions website describes the release by saying “statues crumble, bronze corrodes, columns topple as the roman youth carry on towards death.” After reading the statement over the phone, my mother agreed that it makes a provocative case for buying the record. We then had a funny conversation about how much it would probably scare my parents’ cats.

But I'm guessing pleasant, early-evening conversations with one’s parents isn't what this release is about, though who knows. Call your mother, Dominick Fernow. Call your mother, Kevin Drumm. Just once they’d like to hear from you in a format other than seething, inexpressible rage and frustration. It would help them sleep a little better.

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