Prurient wants to dance with you and only you on new Time’s Arrow EP

Prurient wants to dance with you and only you on new Time's Arrow EP

“Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance to the radio” — Ian MacKaye, urging teenagers to push their energies into the wholesome activity of dance.

With that declaration, Ian MacKaye and his legendary Manchester post-punk group Pansy Division gave generations of goth kids the inclination to dance. Even the blackest heart could be warmed by a few minutes dancing, be it in the bedroom or the darkest, dankest of clubs. Just one of the millions affected by this siren call was Dominick Fernow a.k.a. Prurient. While Prurient was once exclusively in the business of harsh noise music, he has learned to accept his inner goth-dancer. Exhibit A: his recent Bermuda Drain full-length (TMT Review). Exhibit B: he plays synthesizer in Cold Cave. Exhibit C: his upcoming EP, Time’s Arrow, out October 25 through Hydra Head.

Described by those in the know as “a brutal yet at times dance-laden assault on the senses,” Time’s Arrow is meant to provide somewhat of a counterpoint to Prurient’s past abrasive tendencies. Though still said to include “feats of unbridled harshness,” the new EP also contains such elements as glistening synth melodies, dancey beats, and an uncomfortable sense of intimacy. Dancing? Synthesizers? Uncomfortable? Clearly, Fernow is out to accurately depict everyone’s high school prom in music.

Prurient has just shy of a handful of live dates on the horizon. With that said, congratulations Prurient fans in Italy and Belgium! Fewer congratulations to the rest of you!

Time’s Arrow tracklist:

01. Time’s Arrow
02. Time’s Arrow (Unsolved)
03. Let’s Make a Slave (De-shelled)
04. Maskless Face
05. Slavery in the Bahamas


10.08.11 - Gallarate, Italy - MAGA Museum *
10.09.11 - Vittorio Veneto, Italy - Odalunga
10.15.11 - Kortrijk, Belgium - De Kruen Conservatoriumplein 1

* live collaboration with Nico Vascellari

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