PVT announce New Spirit on Felte, premiere track

PVT announce New Spirit on Felte, premiere track

Here in the US of A, it’s illegal to call PVT by their old name, Pivot, since that version of “pivot” (a verb enjoyed by basketball players and politicians alike) is owned by an American band that has not released any albums on Warp Records but nonetheless felt the need to defend their title. Oh well, America can be like Bizarro Australia in that way. Like their former labelmates Battles, PVT have a tendency to embrace technology, champion impulsiveness, and shun convention. The results are explosive and hypnotics, and the vowelless PVT certainly aren’t lacking substance on their upcoming fifth album, being released by Felte Records.

Between drinks” the Aussies put together New Spirit, slated for release February 17. The first track they’re sharing with us is “Another Life,” and it’s killing me how funky this is, and not in an ironic “future funk” way — more like in a way where, if you traveled to the future, “Another Life” would be a 100% safe pick when you get passed the future-aux. “G’day m8, fuckin classic choice.” We have the pleasure of premiering the track, which you can listen to below.

PVT have supported such acts as Gotye, Bloc Party, and Warpaint, so I guess the next step is their own tour. But first: PVT. Back out of nowhere. Probably out of their studio, actually. Dangling fresh grooves in front of our ears, because yes they are that damn good and yes they do whatever they want.

Listen to “Another Life” below, and pre-order the album here.

New Spirit tracklist:

01. Spirit Of The Plains
02. A Feeling You Can Find
03. Salt Lake Heart
04. Interlude
05. Another Life
06. Fool in Rain II
07. Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend
08. Kangaroo
09. Murder Mall
10. New Spirit
11. Fake Sun In China

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