Quintron announces April release date for Sucre du Sauvage, recorded in and around a museum

Quintron announces April release date for Sucre du Sauvage, recorded in and around a museum

There’s a new entry in the ongoing Chronicles of Awesomeness that documents Quintron’s life. The New Orleans-based musician/Drum Buddy inventor/friend of all puppets presents us with Sucre du Sauvage, a new album coming out via Goner Records on April 12. Recorded from January 29 through May 2 of last year at the New Orleans Museum of Art, the album was created as part of an exhibit entitled “Parallel Universe — Quintron and Miss Pussycat Live in City Park.” Which makes sense. I mean, don’t they live in the City Park inside each and every one of us?

Sucre du Sauvage is the result of field recordings made by Quintron as he strolled through New Orleans City Park, where the museum abides, music recorded at the museum, and the backing vocals, handclaps, and sound effects provided by whichever museum-goers happened to be around at the time. It’s a two-part album, with Part 1 leaning more toward the usual Quintron hijinks, with a dash of vibraphone, Drum Buddy, Miss Pussycat’s vocals, and field recordings. Part 2 is nothing but field recordings!!! Field recordings gone wild. According to Quintron himself, “There was no post-production of overdubs. When the exhibit closed, the album was finished.” One of a kind, this album — kinda like Quintron himself.

Sucre du Sauvage tracklisting:

01. Ring the Alarm
02. Face Down in the Gutter
03. New Years Night (Boogie Children)
04. Kicked Out of Zolar X
05. Banana Beat
06. Sucre du Sauvage
07. All Night Right of Way
08. Spirit Hair
09. Elevator
10. Deer in the Clouds
11. Bells
12. Train Ride
13. Jazz Bar
14. Morning

And here’s a tourdate (today!!):

03.07.11 - New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jack’s %

% Black Lips

• Quintron: http://www.quintronandmisspussycat.com
• Goner: http://www.goner-records.com

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