Racebannon to Tour UK, Better Not Ask for SOCIALIST Bailout

What's going on?

Racebannon are set to kick off a UK tour tonight in Cardiff.

Why should I care about Racebannon?

Why? What do you mean why? Have you seen photos of Racebannon? Besides, you need to get out of the house and air out your crotch area. It's starting to smell like ass.

But are Racebanon better than Radiohead?

Does Racebannon get 9+ ratings on Pitchfork? Of course not. But like I said: crotch area, ass smell. Do something about it.

It seems like you care more about my crotch area than whether or not I see the band.

It truly does smell strange, not to be mean or anything. Hygiene is really important. Elaborate codes of hygiene can be found in several Hindu texts such as the Manusmriti and the Vishnu Purana. Bathing is one of the five Nitya karmas (daily duties) in Sikhism, not performing which leads to sin according to some scriptures. These codes were based on the notion of ritual purity and were not informed by an understanding of the causes of diseases and their means of transmission. However, some of the ritual-purity codes did improve hygiene, from an epidemiological point of view, more or less by accident.

Have you even heard Racebannon's music?

Crap, gotta go. Sorry, I'll answer your question later. I don't have the time to respond right now because I have this appointment with my doctor. Ha, see?? I'm actually going to see her to talk about my hygiene practices, because it's that important. But yeah, let's talk later. I'll text or something.

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