Radiohead Foregoes iTunes To Maximize Profits To Stave Off Attacks From The Machine, Man

Alright let's get this done because I have to pee a little... for a long time Radiohead hasn't had any of their stuff on iTunes (except the song from Romeo and Juliet!, which I really identified with as a kid because though I didn't have a gun I DID have a pack of sandwiches). Some people have probably been pretty sad about that, probably getting up from their chairs and being like "What's the deal guys, y'all's the Beatles or somethin'?," though I don't know many people who look for stuff on iTunes that's readily available in stores and came out 30 years ago...

Nevertheless, the band has made a BOLD wait bold decision to remain iTunes-less not because of any untoward actions on the part of Apple or Steve Jobs, but because they allow the selling of music "by the song." Radiohead and its members (THOMJONNYCOLINPHILTHATOTHERGUYWITHTHEFRILLYSHIRTS) feel that their albums must not be broken up into delicious slices. To listen to them you must accept a whole pie. Which reminds me that one time I went to a 24 hr diner and there was an acquaintance from high school who was eating a full cherry pie by herself and I was...well I was enthralled.

Let me just take a second here to put out a theory I have about the band, or less a theory and more a slight problem I have even in the throes of full enjoyment whilst listening to their songs: Is Phil Selway undermining the mission of the band with his robot-like drumming? Listen: if they're raison d'etre is to subvert the ways of machinery, how come they keep their anthems shackled under the cruelly calculated arm movements of their bald-headed "mate"?

Okay so just because you can't slam your sk8boards to their tracks via iTunes doesn't mean you can't download their albums in full mp3 format!! "iTunes insists that all its albums are sold unbundled, but 7digital doesn't. Radiohead prefer to have their albums sold complete. The artist has a choice, and if they feel strongly then we respect that," says someone that represents the band. So if you're itching for albums by this phantastic band, time to slap fives because 7digital's got the HOOOOK! Up. Just download "Pull/Pulk Revolving Doors" and set on repeat. Do you actually know how to tie a tie?


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