Radiohead new album? “Not yet,” says Jonny Greenwood (but not in those words)

Radiohead new album? "Not yet," says Jonny Greenwood (but not in those words)

Rolling Stone Italia reported recently that Radiohead’s new album is “almost finished” and that there would be a “big tour” to support it. Lives were forever changed, etc. Unfortunately, the quotes, supposedly deriving from an interview with multi-instrumentalist Jonny Greenwood, were denied today by Mr. Greenwood himself on Radiohead’s official website:

I think this italian writer (referred to here) has, either thorough over-enthusiasm, or frustration at all my non-committal answers, mistranslated me a little….in fact we haven’t quite finished the album - in the studio at the moment - nor have we yet considered any touring. The plan is to have no plan until the record is finished….hope that’s a little clearer!

I don’t know about you guys, but it sounds like Jonny is trying to say that the new album is finished and will be released as early as December 2010! THIS IS EXCITING NEWS!!

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