Radiohead slowly delete online presence, tease fans with leaflets

Radiohead slowly delete online presence, tease fans with leaflets
Is this the guy responsible for erasing Radiohead's online presence?

UPDATE (5/03): Radiohead updated their social media accounts with a stop-motion animated bird singing a song. Really hoping this is the first single in its entirety. Watch it below.

After surprising UK fans yesterday with leaflets reading “Sing the song of sixpence that goes/ Burn the Witch/ We know where you live,” Radiohead have been slowly deleting tweets and posts today from their Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ pages. This includes turning their profile pictures into blank/white images and, according to Reddit users, reducing the opacity of their official website every 10 minutes until it was completely white.

But what does it all mean??

Either Radiohead are having serious internet problems or they’re clearing the way for album #9. Our guess? Serious internet problems, though May Day would be a great day to release an album. ;)

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