Rage Against the Machine protest Arizona immigration law… with friends!

Rage Against the Machine protest Arizona immigration law... with friends!

Fact: the new immigration law passed by Arizona is total bullshit, and the fact that legalized racial profiling was not only considered, but was actually passed as a fucking law is depressing.

As is often the case, Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha agrees with me and has created The Sound Strike as a protest against the new law. The organization was created as a banner for bands to rally behind as they all pledge to boycott Arizona. So far, the list of artists includes Cypress Hill, Juanes, Conor Oberst, Los Tigres del Norte, Rage Against the Machine, Cafe Tacuba, Kanye West, Calle 13, Joe Satriani, Serj Tankian, Rise Against, Michael Moore, Ozomatli, Sabretooth Tiger, Massive Attack, One Day As A Lion, Street Sweeper Social Club, Spank Rock, Sonic Youth, and Tenacious D.

“Fans of our music, our stories, our films and our words can be pulled over and harassed every day because they are brown or black, or for the way they speak, or for the music they listen to,” de la Rocha writes in a press release on the Sound Strike website. “Some of us grew up dealing with racial profiling, but this law (SB 1070) takes it to a whole new low. If other states follow the direction of the Arizona government, we could be headed towards a pre-civil rights era reality.”

Please, sign the petition and say “NO” to Arizona until they say “YES” to equal civil rights.

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