Rainbow Arabia get Kompakted and prep new release Boys & Diamonds

Rainbow Arabia get Kompakted and prep new release Boys & Diamonds

Rainbow Arabia don’t know exactly who they are or what kind of music they’re trying to make. If you had the chance to listen to their 2008 debut EP The Basta, you were instantly confronted by a scrambled mess of sounds that had no business being all in the same place. You were also simultaneously aware that it was this very sonic stew that made The Basta incredibly catchy and worth so many spins on that ol’ spinny thing. So you should get a slight tickle inside when I say that the L.A. duo is releasing their first full-length LP come March 1 in North America, which will be titled Boys & Diamonds. Here’s the real zinger, though — none other than the prestigious German Kompakt label will be doing the honors of releasing it. Looks as if Rainbow Arabia are stepping up to the big leagues. Somebody whisper “2011: The Year of Rainbow Arabia.” Anybody?

Boys & Diamonds tracklisting:

01. Boys and Diamonds
02. Without You
03. Nothin Gonna Be Undone
04. Blind
05. Papai
06. Jungle Bear
07. Hai
08. Mechanical
09. This Life Is Practice
10. Sayer
11. Sequenced

• Rainbow Arabia: http://rainbowarabia.wordpress.com
• Kompakt: http://www.kompakt.fm

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