Tokyo: home of 39 cat cafes, and now the 2014 Red Bull Music Academy

Tokyo: home of 39 cat cafes, and now the 2014 Red Bull Music Academy

Neon. All-night karaoke. Cat cafes! (Thirty-nine of them, to be exact, if Wikipedia is to be trusted. THIRTY-NINE!!!!) If any world capital seems like it would be a natural conduit for the sugary magic of Red Bull, it’s Tokyo. And so it’s only logical that the sorta corporate-seeming but usually pretty awesome Red Bull Music Academy should be making Tokyo the site of its 2014 mega art/music shindigs.

Over the past decade-and-a-half, such dream locales as London, New York City, Toronto, Cape Town, Melbourne, and Madrid have played host to this genre-defying showcase where the finest purveyors of forward-thinking music and art, together with literally THOUSANDS of those 20-year-old girls who shill Red Bull on college campuses across America, descend upon a designated city to give it wings and a totally next-level hangover. Tokyo’s Red Bull Music Academy Weekender gave residents a scintillating taste of what’s to come this past month when the city played host to Damo Suzuki’s Network, Gilles Peterson, Daedelus, DJ Krush, Yann Tomita, Diamond Version, Young Symphony Orchestra, Henrik Schwarz’s WalkMusic performance, and a Harajuku-based music/art/records fair. Would-be initiates of Red Bull’s special brand of wizardry can watch Red Bull Music Academy’s website. Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull!!!! This post brought to you by new zero calorie Red Bull Overdose.

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