Remember Kids, Gateway Drugs Are Only a Gateway to More Fun and Hilarity; Black Moth Super Rainbow to Get Waxploited, But It’s for The Cause

Black Moth Super Rainbow, before they were Black Moth Super Rainbow:

Tobacco: Alright guys, we’re getting nowhere here. We NEED a band name. Power Pill Fist, dude, “Drop the Laundry Off at the East Wall and Run”? What the hell is that? Is that a band name suggestion or were you having a mini stroke? Let’s get serious here, people! We should have settled on something months ago, and now we’ve put it off and our t-shirts are supposed to be pressed in [looks at watch] three hours time! Let’s just free associate and see where it takes us...

The Seven Fields of Aphelion: Yak Roth Hooper Van Gogh?

Tobacco: Sack Cloth Pooper Monroe?

Power Pill Fist: Whack Froth Blooper Rambo?

Father Hummingbird: Quack Broth Stupor Outgrow?


Iffernaut: There. That didn’t take long at all! Let’s go do some heroin!

And so the legend of Black Moth Super Rainbow was born. Allegedly. The exuberant heroin use is unsubstantiated but makes for good copy, so we’re keeping it in there. What can be said with certainty is that Black Moth Super Rainbow have signed to Waxploitation, the humanitarian label home to Danger Mouse and Gnarls Barkley and the recent releaser of the Causes 1: Darfur compilation to benefit victims of the ongoing Sudanese conflict/genocide. The ins and outs of the deal are not yet specified, but it is believed the label will help BMSR on the management and publishing end of things and will release a solo album by lead agitator Tobacco as part of the deal.

Also, due out May 6 on Suicide Squeeze is a new group 7-inch single, “Zodiac Girls”/”The Fields Are Breathing (Tobacco’s Wispy Version).” And there are two shows announced in April and July. If you go to either of these, be sure to shout out at the top of your lungs: SLACKS GOTH POOPER SLAIN TORSO!!! The band will definitely know what you’re talking about

04.25.08 - Troy, NY - Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center
07.27.08 - Brooklyn, NY - McCarren Park Pool

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