Renaissance Man Thom Yorke Just Can’t Stop Doing Awesome Things: Saving the Earth, Interviewing Mayors – What Will He Do Next?

Stars -- they're just like us! They shop for groceries, drink coffee, and even pick up dry cleaning! I know I can relate to that! But unfortunately all stars are not created equal. While the Lindsay Lohans and Ryan Phillipes of the world may be content to use their daily photo-op time to get snapped exiting Burger King or putting gas in the car, Thom Yorke is out there doing AMAZING things. Things so incredible, so Earth-conscious that you and I will totally never get to do them.

Like what, you ask? What could Thom be doing now that's even more astounding than forming Radiohead, releasing that solo record, and just generally seeming like a nice guy? Well, actually, he just finished a stint as guest-editor for The Observer Magazine's climate change special edition. Yorke discusses how he decided to go green and became involved with the Friends of the Earth organization. He explains how, after learning that Radiohead's biggest impact on the environment came from the way fans commuted to concerts, the band decided to only play venues accessible by public transportation. But it's not just Thom writing and editing here -- he also interviews London mayor Ken Livingston and touches on Ken's plans to incorporate a system (based on an already existing program in Paris) where bicyclists can use free bikes to cut down on emissions.

Wow, what will he do next? I hope he brings back oceanliners in an effort to combine eco-friendly transportation with pre-war glamor! If the next Thom Yorke coverage I see involves him visiting a laundromat, I am going to be so disappointed.

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