Rhys Chatham Finally Reaches Guitar Quota for Compositions, Begins Writing Horoscopes for Online Magazine (Seriously)

You know Rhys Chatham as an experimental musician who gained renown with his epic guitar compositions and who tuned the pianos/harpsichords of many avant-garde artists, including Glenn Gould. Perhaps you think of him as the fellow whose career really took off with 1978's Guitar Trio, which he performed alongside Glenn Branca and Nina Canal of Ut. Or perhaps you know him as the dude commissioned by the city of Paris to create a performance piece for 400 guitars. But, whatever you may think, Rhys isn't only about guitars and guys named Glenn.

With the recent unveiling of the French and English language psych/drone/out/folk blog Visitation Rites (created by TMT contributors Emilie Friedlander and Sophie Pécaud), you can also add astrologist to the list. Now, normally I like to look at my horoscope quickly and surreptitiously before I head off to work (so no one will judge my desire for guidance from the stars), but Mr. Chatham really seems to have tapped profoundly into my life. Take a look at this excerpt from the Virgo horoscope for this month:

How about those emails you were supposed to respond to? Or finally looking at your bank account to discover what horrors it holds? This is a good month to do a bit of spring cleaning.

It's like Rhys Chatham has actually looked into my inbox, my empty bank account, and my soul. Because all those things need urgent attention. And if I can read a review of a movie about Vikings with music from Brian Eno and Judas Priest while tapping into Chatham's otherwordly knowledge, then it's all for the better.

Check out Chatham's first entry here.

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