Ricardo Donoso announces inaugural (film score) release for his Kathexis label

Ricardo Donoso announces inaugural (film score) release for his Kathexis label

After two surreal solo LPs on the Digitalis label, Boston-based musician Ricardo Donoso has returned with a film score to christen his newly founded label, Kathexis. Produced by Brooklyn artist Julie Nymann, A Song for Echo premiered at the Boston Museum of Science’s Charles Hayden Planetarium last September. Full dome projection, baby, like a Pink Floyd laser light show.

The experimental film follows a protagonist’s “spiritual journey through earth and water, attempting to discover herself and her relationship to the elements before nightfall.” Donoso’s score is at turns ambient and classical, with moody synth compositions that swell and fade into washes of texture. The second side of the score gets even darker, falling into some frightening, emotive dirges that are meant to be “all-consuming” and “disorienting.” Real fun stuff guys. Donoso’s score will be released on November 11 in a limited run of 300 LPs; stream the entire epic below.

A Song for Echo tracklist:

01. Part I
02. Part II
03. Part III
04. Part IV
05. Part V
06. Part VI
07. Part VII

• Ricardo Donoso: http://www.ricardodonoso.com
• Kathexis: http://www.kathexis.org

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