RIP: Adam Nodelman of Sunburned Hand of the Man, Franklin’s Mint, Shitsweat

From John Moloney of Sunburned Hand of the Man:

Adam Nodelman - member of Sunburned Hand of the Man - died suddenly on Monday August, 25, 2008

Adam Nodelman, age 43, married and father of 3 girls, died suddenly at his Woodstock, NY home on Monday, August 25th. The cause of death is yet to be determined. Adam had a huge heart and the musical energy of 10 men. This is a huge loss for his family and friends. Memorial services and events are being planned right now for New York City, the Woodstock Area, and Western Massachusetts to commemorate his life and celebrate Adam's life.

If anyone has any photos or video of Adam please contact us at

we'll send information regarding the memorial as soon as it comes in.

Adam began playing with BORBETOMAGUS at age 18 in 1984. He appeared on LIVE IN ALLENTOWN(RECENTLY REISSUED), 7 REASONS FOR TEARS,and FISH THY SPARKLING BUBBLE He joined MISSING FOUNDATION IN 1987 appearing on various recordings, he was in MOTHERHEAD BUG with DAVID OUIMET, he joined the west coast band CRASH WORSHIP in 1996-97. Since 2005, Nodelman has been a core member of SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN & FRANKLIN'S MINT and appears on ton's of each band's recent recordings and live shows. Adam has been a sometimes member of Bunny Brains in the past year, and In 2008, Adam became the front man of the pioneer valley assault band - SHITSWEAT.

Check out this amazing performance of Nodelman in Shitsweat from earlier this month:

Stay tuned for updates on memorials, possible donations, and more.

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