RIP: Andrew Loomis, the drummer for Dead Moon

RIP: Andrew Loomis, the drummer for Dead Moon
Photo: Dead Moon

From Portland Mercury:

Tragic news tonight: Andrew Loomis, the drummer for the seminal Oregon rock band Dead Moon, has died. Loomis was a founding member of the group, which formed in 1987 and took a hiatus in 2006; since then, Loomis and the band’s other two members, Fred and Toody Cole, have reunited sporadically for occasional Dead Moon shows and tours, and Loomis drummed for another band, the Shiny Things. While Loomis was cancer free at the time of his death, he had been diagnosed with lymphoma last year and spent much of 2015 fighting hard, undergoing surgery and radiation treatment for the disease and combatting some other health problems.

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