RIP: Gato Barbieri, legendary jazz saxophonist

RIP: Gato Barbieri, legendary jazz saxophonist

From NPR:

Jazz saxophonist Gato Barbieri, known for his ever-present black fedora, was 83 when he died Saturday. Best known for the soundtrack to the controversial 1972 movie Last Tango In Paris, starring Marlon Brando, Barbieri won a Grammy for his efforts.

He was born Leandro Barbieri, but earned the nickname “Gato” — the “cat” — in his native Argentina as he came up in the Buenos Aires jazz scene. Barbieri was easily identifiable for his big, earthy tone on the tenor sax, as well as for his restless musical exploration.

Throughout the late ’60s and ’70s, he created a catalog of music that swayed from the avant-garde — playing on Don Cherry’s Complete Communion, released in 1966 — to early world-music explorations featuring folk music from Latin America. […]

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