RIP: Maurice Jarre, Composer of Doctor Zhivago Score

From The Guardian:

The French composer Maurice Jarre, whose work on the films of David Lean won him three Oscars, has died in Los Angeles after a long battle with cancer. He was 84.

Jarre won his first Academy Award in 1963 for his grand, sweeping score for Lean's Lawrence of Arabia. He repeated the feat in 1966 with his lush, Russian-balalaika-infused score for Doctor Zhivago and took the gong for the third time in 1985 for A Passage to India. Of his relationship with Lean, Jarre once said, "I owe him everything ... He gave me the best pictures, the opportunity to receive three Oscars for four films – not so bad! – and he gave me his friendship. He was a gentleman. When I lost him, I lost not only a great director, but a great friend."

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