From an article by The New York Times:

Mauricio Kagel, an avant-garde composer whose often absurdist works blurred the boundaries between music, theater and film, died on Wednesday in Cologne, Germany. He was 76. [...]

By temperament a dadaist and provocateur, Mr. Kagel drew on the musical examples of composers like John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen. In “Anagrama,” a work from the 1950s, singers and instrumentalists were called on to emit notes, squeaks, whispers and shouts corresponding to an elaborate system derived from the letters in a Latin palindrome.

- Mauricio Kagel Wikipedia entry
- Mauricio Kagel site by Björn Heile
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- YouTube video: Mauricio Kagel: "Der Eid des Hippokrates" (1984)

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