RIP: Travis Bean, legendary guitar maker

RIP: Travis Bean, legendary guitar maker

From L.A. Weekly:

​Guitarmaker Travis Bean died earlier this week at his home in Burbank. His guitars were played by everyone from Jerry Garcia to Steve Albini to Slash, and were known for their sustain and durability. You just can’t break one of them.

Born in San Fernando, his eponymous Valley-based company was founded in 1974, and featured solid aluminum necks — rather than wood. They were a hit with bands including the Grateful Dead and the Rolling Stones, and in ensuing decades members of acts including Sonic Youth.

Bean passed away on Sunday, from cancer. His legacy is secure, as evidenced by the rapid online trade his guitars do, and the YouTube shredders who worship his brand.

A memorial service will be held a week from Saturday, on July 23, at 10:30 am at First Christian Church in Studio City.

IFC also has some words on Bean and his guitars from members of Sonic Youth, Earth, and Sunn O))).

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