RIP: Yabby You, reggae artist

From the AV Club:

I own maybe five reggae CDs, having never really explored the genre for whatever reason, but one of those is Yabby You’s Jesus Dread 1972-1977. I have a pretty clear memory of hearing it for the first time, when it was issued in 1997 by the respected Blood And Fire label. I still can’t put my finger on what struck me about it—maybe its utter starkness or its lack of super-positive vibes, or maybe even its Christian leanings, which was/is strange for reggae. It’s raw and gorgeous, and maybe owning it, along with a couple by Augustus Pablo and the mandatory Bob Marley collections, is all the reggage I require. Vivian Jackson, a.k.a. Yabby You, died January 12 in Jamaica. He was 63.

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