Rivers Cuomo to Release Demos, Prepares to Erase Past Seven Years from Existence Using Harvard Degree

Remember back in 7th grade when your friend first played Weezer's Blue Album over at his house? Somewhere between the inexplicable freshness of the chord progression of "My Name is Jonas" to the orgasm-inducing breakdown of "Only in Dreams," it occurs to you: I've discovered music. My 7th grade was in the year 2000. Six years after Weezer's debut CD hit the market, five years after Windows 95 came with the "Buddy Holly" video, three years after the gloriously bitter Pinkerton hit shelves, and two years after Weezer ceased to exist. Oh, and one year... uh... eh... since I started puberty.

The story of Weezer since that day in 2000 has been one mostly of disillusionment and disenchantment. Since reforming, Weezer have slowly become too important to ignore, yet too disappointing to support. Kind of like The Simpsons or the war in Iraq. (Did I just compare Weezer with Iraq? Yikes.) Which is exactly why this newest piece of news should be exciting.

According to his MySpace account, Rivers Cuomo plans to release a new CD. Best yet, the word "Weezer" will not be printed in trademark "century gothic" font across the cover. Here's a fragment of his post:

I've compiled a CD of my favorite demos from the years 1992 to 2007 and Geffen Records has agreed to put it out this December, on the eleventh. I hope you enjoy it. I may also be able to put out more demo CDs in the near future.

Releasing ancient demos pulled from the crypt isn't exactly new for Rivers. Tracks spanning beyond Weezer's existence have been posted on previous incarnations of his website, as well as the official Weezer site. But if Rivers' song catalog is any indication, plenty of "new" material exists for the new CD. Here's pulling for the triumphant release of "I Will Poor On Their Car Seats" at last!

The Real Slim Cuomo also mentions the planned eventual release of some sort of book that will undoubtedly include some crazy credentials in the About the Author leaf. Something along the lines of Rivers Cuomo, BA, Harvard University, Ph.D, Vipassana Meditation, Fk.D, Asian Girls, Fvt.Band, KISS, A/S/L, oldenuf/yes/yurmouth. Cuomo mentions doing research for the book, so unless he has taken a literal interpretation of finding himself, chances are its more than autobiographical.

For now though it seems that it will join the live DVD that never was in a lead vault where they've kept all of the good Weezer material from the past decade. I think my suave might be locked inside there, too.

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