RJD2 Dons Fake Beard and Red Suit, Gives Away Free Stuff Weekly Until New LP Drops in 2010

When you’re RJD2, every day is like Christmas. And by every day, I mean once a week between now and January 19. The formerly Def Jux-signed beatsmith will be giving away a free item each Monday until the release of his fourth LP, The Colossus, on RJ's Electrical Connections. First item up for grabs was (you missed it!) a vinyl test-pressing of his 2003 EP The Horror, of which only five were ever made. To see the original contest and read RJD2’s explanation of the whole shebang, check here on his blog.

Aside from releasing new albums and playing Santa, RJD2 is also planning some re-issues of old material. Both his 2004 LP Since We Last Spoke (TMT Review) and the aforementioned The Horror EP will receive re-issues on November 17, while his breakthrough 2002 LP Deadringer (TMT Review) will get one one on November 3. Merry RJDmas!

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