The Road to Recovery Starts with Arthur & Yu Touring the World (The United States & Japan) in a Matter of Minutes (Months)

Arthur & Yu were the first band to sign to Sub Pop subsidiary label Hardly Art, and they will also be known as the first band named Arthur & Yu to impregnate fine U.S. cities with their gravitational melodies.

With that said, my friend woke me up at 7:15 A.M. this morning to tell me he was "Messed up, man." I called him back later to tell him I was going to kick his ass next time I saw him. He said he was sorry, and that no intervention would change his hollow ways. So, I invited him to see Arthur & Yu in Chicago with me. Having always been a fan of simplistic music with interchangeable male and female vocals and soft rhythms guided by the flute, he said he was "down with it." I told him I'd buy his ticket and it would be a great time. He said, "I'm bringing lots of drugs."

Thus: I really wish I could see Arthur & Yu during their fall tour, but the truth is I'll be setting up an impactful intervention for my muscular friend (think Benicio del Toro with huge pecks). This fall, many tears will be shed, but it will be a time for change. I allow Arthur & Yu to play the soundtrack to my life as I potentially fail in "cleaning up" my friend and learn to shoot up, break down, snort, sniff, digest, smoke, blow, suck, lick, fuck, chew, and stick objects up my ass that I never thought I would. In five months, Emceegreg will be at the finest rehab clinic that TMT can afford (a.k.a. M. P's shower). [Editor's note: bring your own shampoo, boy.]


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