Robert Pollard surprises great-grandchildren with new Mouseman Cloud album due in March

Robert Pollard surprises great-grandchildren with new Mouseman Cloud album due in March

Guided by Voices recently released Let’s Go Eat the Factory (TMT Review), but what is a GBV album without 20 or 30 solo records from frontman Robert Pollard, released around the same time to form a padding of drunken lullaby anthems? And, just imagine — Pollard going on tour at preschools across the world with a child on one knee and a bottle of tequila on the other.

Yes, this one’s for the kids (not really). As playful as alcoholics get, Pollard is releasing the cute-sounding Mouseman Cloud March 12 via Fire Records on CD, LP, and download, and, actually, it’s probably too much rock for kids and adults to handle. I tried calling Pollard to get his thoughts, but he never answers my calls and, frankly, I just find his ringback tone of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” annoying and distasteful.

So, I asked Marty Friedman, assistant manager at Arby’s, what he thought of Pollard’s new album: “I think it’s great. It reminds me of The Wiggles, and my grandchildren love The Wiggles. I could definitely see me playing this in the car when taking them to the handicap playground on Saturdays.” Marty then handed me my featured Reuben sandwich and winked, indicating extra turkey was added at no additional charge.

Mouseman Cloud tracklisting:

01. Obvious #1
02. Picnic Drums
03. Mouseman Cloud
04. Dr. Time
05. Lizard Ladder
06. Human Zoo
07. Bats Flew Up
08. Mother’s Milk and Magnets
09. Continue to Break
10. I Was Silence
11. Smacks of Euphoria
12. Science Magazine
13. No Tools
14. Aspirin Moon
15. Half-Strained
16. Zen Mother Hen
17. Chief Meteorologist

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