Roman Coppola shares new Christmas album

Roman Coppola shares new Christmas album

White powder is starting to run in the veins of the staff at TMT Headquarters, and I don’t mean cocaine. I mean snow. As in Christmas. Heard of it? Yeah, the other liberal music news outlets want us to think the holiday doesn’t exist at all, but the Christmas spirit is as real as the mistletoe in the men’s bathroom hanging from our boss’s belt buckle. So, let me share this interesting Christmas news with you, dear reader.

The Coppola family household is getting into the Christmas spirit: Sofia Coppola directed a Christmas special for Netflix starring Bill Murray; Francis Ford Coppola signed Blu-ray copies of Twixt for Xmas presents; and Nicolas Cage worked on Oliver Stone’s Snowden (Snow. Christmas. Close enough). Now Roman Coppola is getting in on the ho-ho-ho game by producing a holiday album, titled Molto Groovy Christmas, alongside Alessandro Casella. The album is performed in the eclectic style of the 60s and 70s by musician Carlo Poddighe.

You can get into the mood of the holidays by staring intimately into my Twitter profile pic while streaming preview clips here and/or buying the album here.

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