Roxy Music release 40th anniversary box set; you’ll never have to listen to other bands again!

Roxy Music release 40th anniversary box set; you'll never have to listen to other bands again!

Fans of seminal English art-rock and sexy 70s ladies, take note! Roxy Music is celebrating the fact that it existed for a really long time with that most venerable of releases, a career-spanning box set. But don’t think that just because Roxy Music is now 40, this whole “release a huge box set” thing is the band equivalent of the human dude “buy a convertible/get really into Entourage/marry your son’s much younger ex-girlfriend” thing. (Don’t hate me Ferry fans, I love him, too! I heard he HATES Entourage.) Roxy Music: The Complete Studio Recordings 1972-1982, as the eight-CD/four-DVD RoxyBible is being called, is about more than those things. It’s a celebration of all the rad stuff Ferry and friends have done over the years, all For Your Pleasure.

Join the dapper Englishman and his band of merry musicmakers as they take you on a journey through their multi-faceted career. Aching for a lost weekend surrounded by your favorite Roxy Music jams? Well, on April 2, Virgin will make that wish come true. Relive the chronological wonder that is 1972’s Roxy Music, 73’s For Your Pleasure and Stranded, 74’s Country Life, 75’s Siren, 79’s Manifesto, 80’s Flesh and Blood, and 82’s Avalon, and then once you’ve had your fill of compact diskery, pop in one of the four high-res audio versions of the albums… on DVD. WHOA. I’M SURE SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO DO THAT. Of course, in the tradition of all career-spanning box sets worth their salt, this one features remixes, B-sides, non-album singles, and all the other bonus material that sounds so great on the speaker system of that cherry red Beamer 650i. The Roxyrama fansite has the entire tracklisting, in all its too-long-to-type-out glory.

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